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Boyer Valley Community School District



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Become a Problem Solver ● Act Responsibly ● Show Respect ● Be Here

About P.B.I.S

P.B.I.S. stands for positive behavioral interventions and supports. It is a research-based, data-driven system that works to teach, acknowledge, and monitor school-wide expectations. Many schools around the area and throughout the U.S. have adopted P.B.I.S. to help improve their school climate and culture, and Boyer Valley is implementing it to help teach and reinforce the positive behaviors we already see every day and to monitor and provide consistent consequences when expectations are not met.  Boyer Valley’s four school expectations are become a problem solver, act responsibly, show respect, and be here.


Steps to implementing P.B.I.S.

1. Teach expectations

Throughout the year, teachers will teach the four school expectations related to each area of the school using district-developed lesson plans. Posters hang in each area of the school stating what it means to become a problem solver, act responsibly, show respect, and be here in that area.


2. Acknowledge expectations

To acknowledge students who meet expectations, staff will start sending out good news postcards. To acknowledge staff who go above and beyond, students and staff can fill out acknowledgement forms available on Lisa’s desk and drop them in the box next to the forms. Periodically, a staff member’s name will be drawn from here to receive a jeans day.


3. Provide a consistent system of consequences

For students who do not meet expectations, JMC is being utilized to record these offenses, making this data available to more quickly and efficiently identify and provide help for students who may need interventions.